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Facebook has been recorded to be the most used online social media network presently with an estimated number of over 128 million users daily in the United States of America. Facebook advertising is a unique approach that can increase a firms profit quickly because, for every advertisement placed on a user’s page, there is a significant probability that friends who visit their page may end up also seeing that same advertisement.

Facebook is the King Social Network, and the first choice for the majority of marketers and most successful businesses because Facebook adverts are very cheap and reach a larger and targeted audience quickly.

facebook ads



With the advancement in technology, a company that is not making use of the Powerful Facebook Advertising Platform is missing a serious business and branding opportunity. Advertising on Facebook gives your business an edge over its competitors and make you reach your targeted audience quickly.



  • Facebook ads placed at pages of the targeted audience: Facebook adverts are aimed at the right users. Most large businesses target users with Facebook Ads by location, behavior, demographics, age, gender, and interests. Facebook can also help you reach the specific segments of your audience using some powerful advert targeting options.
  • Facebook allow you create strong worded contents that aid effective advertising: In a Facebook advertisement, you are not limited to writing a particular number of word, but you enjoy the freedom of writing strong worded content that can help sell our products.
  • Facebook ads reach a larger audience than any other social media channel because people spend quite a lot of time on it. Facebook is where you can meet your future customers.
  • Facebook uses target custom audience approach which makes it easy to target the right customers.
  • Facebook advertisements are relatively cheap than other internet advertising networks because they have lower cost-per-click rate with $50, you can quickly get your message placed in front of 5,000 to 10,000 audience.
  • Facebook has over 1 Billion Users: Research shows that 1.55 billion people log onto Facebook every month and 1.39 billion visits with their phones. Most of this people are your future customers. They visit Facebook daily, and you need to connect with them by using Facebook ads.
  • Facebook has tools that make managing Ads very easy: Although a lot of people think that Facebook ads are complicated, it turned out to be false because Facebook has some Ads tools which make it easy to create and manage your ads.

After going through all the benefits listed above, I am sure you are interested in running a Facebook Ads for your business. We can help you create, manage and organize an effective advert campaign that will get our target customers to our business. Kindly contact us today.


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